JSON Support in Sql Server 2016 CTP2 – Quick Start

Please note: CTP2 has been superseded. See this post for information about JSON in Sql Server CTP3.2

    This post is a quick tour of JSON Support in Sql Server 2016. Three key points:
    1) There won’t be a native JSON type, instead it will be represented as an nvarchar.
    2) There is no BSON or JSONB support.
    3) Some JSON features will not be available until CTP3. Continue reading

“Stretch Db” in Sql Server 2016 CTP2 – Quick Start

“Stretching” the database now means migrating some or all data from local database tables into the Azure Cloud. The result is a hybrid design: each local table then has a counterpart in the cloud. Any query against the local table will be transparently re-written to include data from the “cloud table”. Continue reading