This blog is a notepad of things I find useful as a working programmer. It’s not the most profound set of posts you could find – I’m enthusiastic about my work, but I don’t blog in my clients’ time and I’m a family man (you can find links to deeper sources on my static blog pages, for example this). Others are on the menus

On the other hand since I have plenty of other things to do, I don’t think you’ll find a lot of “waffle” here. My topics tend to be ones where the information is hard to find or just needs pulling together.

Code samples are based on Sql Server 2014, 2016 or MS Sql Azure, and recent versions of the .Net Framework; so is the open source code in my GitHub projects. Sorry if some of them don’t work with the versions you’re using.

Thanks for your interest, I hope you find something useful here. You may also like my blog on business and related topics here.


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