JSON Support in Sql Server 2016 CTP3.2 – Quick Start

The JSON has landed (in beta at least) – and I think it’s now some practical use. I’ve collected a few technical references here. There may not be a native JSON type yet, but there are workarounds to provide the kind of assurance control-freak RDBMS developers find comforting. I’ve shown some of them in the code sample below. Continue reading


Using the User-defined Table types with ADO.Net structured parameter type

Late in March I released (started using a lot) a small C#/SQL Server project. It utilises the new User-Defined Table Type in SQL Server 2008 and the “structured” parameter type in ADO.NET. This allows a table originated on the client to be passed in to a stored procedure as a parameter. Oracle has had table data types for a while of course, and there are still some limitations to the SQL Server version, but it’s certainly very easy to use. Continue reading